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Figurines in the interior: a small detail and great importance


At all times, the keepers of the hearth tried to create comfort in the house, decorating the house with various accessories. For this purpose, photographs in beautiful frames, paintings, decorative mirrors are hung in houses and potted plants are arranged. Among the most popular and most favorite decorative elements are figurines: figures of people, animals, objects or mythical creatures.

There is a belief that each figurine, depending on the figure itself, is the personification of something specific or helps to achieve one's goals. In this article, we will reveal the meaning of some types of decorative figurines with specific examples.


Images of people can attract different things, depending on the mood, clothes, occupation and other details. So, for instance, children are a symbol of kindness, happiness and positive. The depicted girl or woman is the personification of tenderness, romance and warmth, and married couples contribute to mutual understanding and harmony in relationships.

Angels, fairies, elves

It is considered that these magical characters protect their master and bring him good luck. Angels are messengers of light and goodness, while fairies and elves will attract fortune, making their owner happy and successful.

Animal figurines

A cat is the embodiment of grace and beauty, and also comfort. In a woman, a cat will awaken femininity, and in a man it will bring success in business.

A dog is a true friend of a person who will protect the whole family from troubles and failures.

The mouse is a source of concentration, dexterity and determination.

Gnomes have always accumulated treasure in caves. Place a gnome in your home - and he will bring you wealth and prosperity.

The bird is a symbol of freedom, independence and the ability to rise above the ordinary. In addition, the birds will help you quickly resolve a difficult issue.

The elephant is one of the most frequently acquired figures in the East. And not in vain, because these animals are the personification of strength, wisdom and wealth.

There are many other varieties of figurines that carry positive energy or give rise to bright emotions.

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