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Attention, Repair works! What not to save on – expert advice


When starting to repair on apartment, it is important to think in the long term, because what is established for years and changes with great difficulty must be done with high quality and thoroughly. Irregularities or mold on the walls and ceiling, water leakage to the neighbors below, sparking sockets and switches – this is what happens if you save on repairs.

Turkmenportal together with employees of a chain of building materials stores Ak gaýa found out, what NOT to save on during repairs.

Construction team – choose professionals in field

Qualified builders are 50% of the success of repair work. No expensive materials will save if they fall into the hands of non-professionals. The durability and quality of repairs depend on the competence of the craftsmen.

Experts advise to conclude an agreement with the builders, in case of problems or conflict with the workers, it will be possible to achieve compensation for damage through the courts.

Repair terms – unnecessary haste is useless

Each finishing work has its own technology and its own drying period. Therefore, you should not put incredible deadlines before the builders in order to complete the repair as soon as possible. Incomplete drying of plaster or screed, the so-called “wet” processes, will lead to cracks and mold in the future.

Electrical, plumbing and communications

Here is what you definitely should not save on, so it is on plumbing and electrics. Cheap equipment will show itself: faucets and pipes will begin to leak water and leak, sockets and switches will spark, which can lead to short circuits and breakage of household appliances.

In pursuit of saving, do not forget that if problems arise, in order to eliminate them, you will have to open the finish of already laid communications.

Before purchasing the necessary materials and equipment, consult with specialized specialists, and the advice of the staff of the Ak gaýa chain of stores will also not be superfluous.

Flooring and tiles

The choice of these finishing materials should be approached with particular care. Flooring – laminate or parquet, are most exposed to mechanical stress, especially in rooms with high traffic. A cheap coating in a couple of years may begin peel off partially, which will spoil the appearance of the rooms and the mood of the residents.

As for budget ceramic tiles, Ak gaýa experts share: “Inexpensive tiles, as a rule, have various defects, such as bumps and chips, as a result of which a large percentage of rejection is possible during installation”.

Windows and doors – warmth and safety

A reliable front door is a guarantee not only of home security, but also of protection from noise and drafts from the entrance. The same applies to windows. As a rule, poor-quality windows cannot be repaired and new ones have to be ordered. Often, when dismantling windows, windowsills are changed and the slopes are timed with a new one, which will accordingly lead to double spending.

The cost of windows is influenced by factors such as the number of double-glazed chambers, the quality of fittings and profiles. Experts advice saving on doors and windows only at the expense of décor, for instance, wooden windowsills or finishing wood-like window profiles, and eliminating expensive forging on doors. It is available to learn about the intricacies of choosing entrance and interior doors in the article.

Home sweet home: how to choose the perfect door


If you think that the hood is an optional element in the kitchen or in the toilet, then you are mistaken. The hood will erode any extraneous odors and will not permit, for instance, the aroma of fried fish to eat into the textiles of the room.

At the choosing of a device, it is important to pay attention to its performance, the number of operating speeds and the noise level. But you can save on design without losing functionality.

Undoubtedly, renovation is a time-consuming process, the specialists of the Ak gaýa chain of stores will help to facilitate the task with the choice of building materials, decorative elements and much more. The stores offer a large selection of garden tools, flooring, plumbing, emulsions, household appliances, electrical equipment, etc.

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