How to celebrate the Year of the Blue Tiger

How to celebrate the Year of the Blue Tiger

The anticipation of the New Year, if not better than the holiday itself, is in any case, a great pleasure. The expectation of miracles and positive changes launches a magical mechanism in us - the belief that all wishes made on New Year's Eve will certainly come true.

According to the eastern calendar, the patron saint of 2022 will be the Black or Blue Water Tiger. In this article, we will consider what and in what color to celebrate the New Year of the Tiger 2022.

Color palette for the New Year

Meet the new year 2022, whose patron will be the Blue Water Tiger, preferably in the colors of the element of water: all shades of blue, aquamarine, turquoise, blue, emerald, bluish green. The tiger will also like the calm colors of the savannah, namely: sand, brown, coffee.

What colors in New Year's outfits should you refrain from?

In order not to anger the owner of 2022, it is better to refrain from red and orange colors in the New Year's look. These shades resemble flames and can provoke the Tiger's anger.

Acid colors will also not help you gain Tiger sympathy. In the case of using tiger or snake prints in your image, you show disrespect for the predator.

Styles for the New Year's look

There are no restrictions on the choice of styles for the New Year's holiday. It is worth noting that the Tiger loves everything natural, so natural fabrics are ideal for the New Year's dress 2022. It is important to remember that when creating a festive look, it is better to be guided by your own taste preferences and not be afraid to experiment. And most importantly, for the holiday to be a success, meet it with a good mood and loved ones.


To sum up: elegance and luxurious restraint without frills and loudness are preferred for the symbol of 2022. Sticking to some simple guidelines when creating a festive look will help you win the favor of the patron saint of the New Year 2022.

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