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People who care: International Day of Journalists' Solidarity

People who care: International Day of Journalists' Solidarity

This holiday was established in 1958 in Bucharest at the IV Congress of the International Organization of Journalists (IOJ) in memory of the Czech journalist Julius Fuchik, who was executed by the Nazis on September 8, 1943.

Julius Fuchik

On this day, journalists from all over the world demonstrate their solidarity, adherence to the ideals of peace, the principles of justice, and humanism. 

Meetings and conferences are held all over the world on this day, at which it is customary to remember those journalists who honestly performed their professional duty, and made their contribution to the common cause.  

Turkmen journalism is a creative community consisting of excellent thoughtful journalists, whose pen admires experienced creative people, and serves as an example for young aspiring journalists of the ability to originally develop and implement assigned tasks and topics, master the special skill of writing unusual, as journalists say “delicious” correspondence and articles.

Today we would like to remember those who left a noticeable mark on Turkmen journalism with their creativity and deserved not to be forgotten. 

Mr. Balkan Gafurov was a great journalist who headed the "Neutral Turkmenistan" newspaper. The editorial office called Gafurov "the most humane person" for his special care for the team members.

Mr. Serdar Nepesov, whose leadership was admired by the correspondents of the newspaper "Komsomolets Turkmenistan". Later, until the end of his life, he headed the Russian Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin.

For a long time, Mr. Akmyrat Mamedov headed the agency "Turkmeninform", currently the State News Agency of Turkmenistan. At the same time, a venerable journalist was the executive secretary of the Union of Journalists of Turkmenistan, where significant work was done to train new personnel. On his recommendation, a number of newly graduated young journalists of the big country’s specialized universities became members of this creative association.

"Turkmenistanform" used to employ a lot of creatively gifted people. Among them, Ms. Alexandra Tychinskaya who narrated the Turkmen Mowgli, and Mr. Vladimir Zarembo, whose work is considered to be on the verge of literary reflections and journalistic research. Also, Mr. Yuri Shkurin, a true master of his craft, worked as a photojournalist at the agency in those years. At any moment, he would break off on the instructions of the editorial office and bring in amazing shots, which were repeatedly recognized as the best in the Soviet Union mass media.

Yuri Shkurin

Also, one cannot fail to mention the respected Mr. Begench Kerimi, a well-known journalist, almost permanent editor of the newspaper "Council of Turkmenistan", now "Turkmenistan", as well as a wonderful person, as they would say now, "journalism manager" Mr. Viktor Mikhailov and prominent journalist and public figure Mr. Viktor Zaitsev, who both in different years headed the editorial office of the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

You can endlessly list the names of those who made every effort to develop domestic journalism in their time. They are being replaced by a young, energetic generation, which also strives to make its contribution to the common cause of the country.

Currently, the mass media in Turkmenistan continue to develop actively. The law "On Mass Media" adopted in the country includes many provisions that contribute to media improvement.

Recently, a number of electronic publications have been created many of which quickly provide readers with information about the transformations taking place in Turkmenistan in a new accessible format.

The editorial office of "Turkmenportal" congratulates all the journalists of our country on their professional holiday!


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