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Art gallery in Ashgabat invites you to a meeting with Mary artists in the Artist Talk format

Ашхабад, 30 мкр, рядом со школой № 3
(+993 62) 56 33 25; (+993 65) 80 54 93
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Date: October 01.

Time: 18:00.

The meeting will take place in the cafeteria house 14.

The event will be accompanied by a small buffet.

On the day of the meeting with the artists, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase their posters, postcards and stickers with reproductions of paintings, as well as autographs of the artists.

In the following days, the art gallery of Ashgabat (Russian Bazaar) will host an exhibition of works by the school of Mary artists, the official opening of which will take place on October 3.

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