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KIBERone, AMAkids and Sanly Sowat invite adults and children to courses in English, programming and mental arithmetic


KIBERone, AMAkids and Sanly Sowat invite everyone to courses in English and Russian languages, mental arithmetic and programming. Those who enroll in September will receive a 30% discount on all courses.

At the AMAkids Academy for the Development of Children's Intelligence, schoolchildren learn English using the latest educational methods, which involve more fruitful assimilation of information in a playful way. Mental arithmetic permits you to quickly and easily add large numbers in your mind. The possession of such skills improves memory and attentiveness, develops logical thinking and trains the brain.

Programming is one of the most demanded professions of our time. At the KIBERone International School of Programming for Children, students aged 6 to 16 learn the basics of programming in Python and JavaScript, gain knowledge about artificial intelligence, learn how to create websites and chat bots. Classes at KIBERone are 20 percent theoretical and 80 percent practical.

KIBERone offers the following areas for teaching programming:

  • Minecraft Education Edition-a course for children on the basics of programming in Java Script and Python.
  • HTML/CSS/JAVA SCRIPT courses on website development (Fronted developer)
  • Roblox Studio - Learn how to create and publish your own 3D worlds on the Roblox platform.

The Sanly Sowat Educational Center invites those interested in the following courses:

  • computer literacy;
  • adult programming (Html/CSS, Javascript, Python, C#, Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma);
  • English - Cambridge English (including preparation for IELTS and TOEFL).

Those who wish, but have not yet decided, are offered a free trial lesson.

For all questions related to training, it is recommended to call (+993 62) 20 64 19 and + (993 63) 63 91 92.

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