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Time for gifts from EMAY Cosmetics: participate in the promotion and win prizes


The EMAY Cosmetics online store is launching a promotion within which you can get a discount of up to 50%, as well as various prizes from the store.

Each order on the store's website will bring you not only cosmetics at a bargain price and a gift of your choice, but also surprises in the form of prize stickers.

The conditions of the promotion are very simple: when ordering products of certain brands, you get branded stickers. As you collect stickers, you can redeem them for a variety of prizes from the store, from cosmetics to wireless headphones, music speakers, humidifiers, and more.

On the website of the EMAY Cosmetics store you will find the widest selection of decorative and care cosmetics for all skin types and all ages.

For more information about the promotion, please call: (+993 61) 64-86-03 or visit the EMAY Cosmetics online store.

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