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In Canada, polar bears filled one of the small towns on the coast


Residents of the small town of Churchill in Canada are complaining about the invasion of polar bears, MIR 24 reports. Polar predators visit this city every year as it is located on their annual summer migration route and is unofficially considered the "capital of polar bears", but this year there were four times more "bears" than usual.

Migration of bears through Churchill takes place from July to November - they return to the sea coast to spend the winter there. For the summer, polar bears go deep into the continent, as the coastal polar ice melts.

Employees of the nature protection service either drive away predators that have wandered into the city, or they catch and place them in a special temporary residence center, in order to then take them away from human habitation and release them.

The increased number of bears passing through Churchill is attributed by scientists to warmer temperatures and slower rates of coastal ice formation. Because of this, many polar bears are forced to change their ways of moving, and therefore most of them migrate through the territory of the town this year.

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