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In the NG Kutahya store you can choose bathroom furniture with increased resistance to moisture


The bathroom is a room with a high level of humidity. If there is no good ventilation in the bathroom, due to dampness, mold can form on the surfaces, wall coverings are destroyed, wooden furniture parts swell.

The Kutahya plumbing store in Turkmenistan (the official distributor of the Kutahya Seramik brand) offers a wide selection of moisture-resistant bathroom furniture. The store presents a variety of models of wall-mounted cabinets with and without mirrors, shelving, as well as cabinets for sinks. A wide range of goods will permit you to choose a set of furniture of any color and size.

Bathroom furniture in the NG Kutahya store is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to temperature extremes and have water-repellent properties, so they can last a long time even in conditions of high humidity.

Kutahya Seramik store address: Ahal velayat, Ak Bugday etrap, territory of the industrial zone, NG Kutahya building. Contact phone: 611 611.

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