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Find your perfect pair of shoes in Röwşen stores


In the capital of Turkmenistan, there are several branded stores of the Röwşen brand, known in the country for its genuine leather shoes for adults and children. On the shelves of the store there are models of casual men's, women's and children's shoes - high-quality and inexpensive.

Address: st. Bamako, “Sumbar” bazaar, Datly Ses shopping center, 1st floor

The shop on Bamako street offers the brand's products for men - leather shoes and belts. Here you can find the perfect pair of shoes for all occasions, as well as a trouser belt that is in harmony with it in color and style. Röwşen shoe models are made of high-quality leather, taking into account the anatomy of the male foot, therefore they are distinguished by increased wearing comfort.

Address: Bagtyýarlyk shopping center, 1st floor, №. 6

The Röwşen store, located in the Bagtyýarlyk shopping center, can be visited by the whole family for shopping. The store offers various types of men's, women's and children's shoes. Especially for schoolchildren, here you can choose shoes for school - classic styles and colors go well with school uniforms, and a comfortable shoe and non-slip soles make these shoes the most suitable for a schoolboy. The line of men's shoes includes both classic lace-up and without shoes, as well as looser moccasins and loafers for a casual wardrobe. Women will be able to choose for themselves classic “boats” with a small heel.

Shoes from Röwşen are made in a classic or sporty style, so they go well with all types of casual wear, office or national style, as well as school uniforms.

“Sales consultants are always happy to help you choose the right shoes. Visiting any of our stores, you will be satisfied with the variety and quality of shoes and accessories”, - emphasized the representative of the brand.

Let us remind that the Röwşen brand is known not only in Turkmenistan, but also abroad. The largest Russian marketplaces, such as Wildberries, Ozon, offer customers shoes from Röwşen, in addition, an offline Röwşen store has opened in the Moscow region. Up to one thousand pairs of shoes of the Turkmen brand are sold in Russia per day.

Röwşen stores in Ashgabat are located at the following addresses:

  • Bagtyýarlyk shopping center, 1st floor, №. 6, phone (+993 65) 55 34 74;
  • st. Bamako, “Sumbar” bazaar, Datly Ses shopping center, 1st floor, telephone (+993 63) 65 16 85.

Röwşen's social media page.

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