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Turkmenistan will increase electricity supplies to Afghanistan


Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discussed prospects for cooperation in the energy sector. Representatives of the state electric power corporation Turkmenenergo and the Afghan energy company Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) held talks on increasing the supply of electricity from Turkmenistan to the Nur al-Jihad substation in the Afghan province of Herat, the Turkmen MIC reports.

The parties considered the technical aspects of the project implementation, including the preparation of documents, security and insurance issues. The project provides for an increase in the capacity of the power transmission line from 110 to 220 kilovolts, which will increase the volume of electricity supplies to the northwestern part of Afghanistan.

The Afghan side noted the need to start deliveries as soon as possible, as they contribute to the growth of production in Herat. Turkmenistan has been exporting electricity to the neighboring country at preferential prices for several years. In January 2022, representatives of the two states signed a contract to increase the supply of electricity to the Nur al-Jihad substation. Turkmenistan plans to increase export volumes by 8.7% by 2025.

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