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KIBERone Programming School will hold a free master class dedicated to creating 3D games


It often seems to parents that their child is overly addicted to computer games and spends too much time with gadgets. To direct his energy and interest in a fruitful direction, you can captivate him with the process of creating such games and the world of IT technologies at the KIBERone school.

The KIBERone International Programming School invites children and teenagers aged 6 and over to another free master class on developing their own 3D games.

During the master class, young future programmers and developers will be able to create their first, simplest 3D game, communicate and learn how to use modern electronic gadgets for developmental benefit.

The master class at the KIBERone programming school will be held on August 19 at 12:00.

To register a child for a master class, you need to call the phone numbers: (+993 63) 63 91 92 or (+993 62) 20 64 19.

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