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Russian Ambassador: Russia and Turkmenistan do not compete for the Chinese gas market


Russia and Turkmenistan cooperate in the field of gas supplies to China and are not competitors in this market, Russian Ambassador to Ashgabat Ivan Volynkin said in an interview with TASS.

Earlier, Reuters reported that China intends to accelerate the construction of a gas pipeline in Central Asia to supply gas from Turkmenistan. According to the agency, this could "slow down" the project of the Russian gas pipeline "Power of Siberia - 2".

“The Russian-Turkmen strategic partnership is manifested not only in words, but also in deeds. In the context of the question asked, I can say with confidence that our countries are by no means competitors in the field of gas supplies to China, but, on the contrary, work together, saturating the dynamically developing market of the Celestial Empire with blue fuel,” Volynkin said.

The Ambassador noted that both Russia and Turkmenistan are reliable suppliers of hydrocarbons.

“At the same time, our country supplies gas mainly to the northern and northeastern regions of China, while Turkmenistan supplies gas to the western provinces,” he added.

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