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Extreme athlete David Melkumov manually towed a wagon weighing about 48 tons in Ashgabat


Ashgabat power extreme athlete David Melkumov set a new record. With his bare hands, he did what special equipment usually does - he moved the wagon of the “Sifan” Locomotive Car Building Company, weighing 47,84 tons, eight meters in 24 seconds. At the same time, the weight of the athlete is less than 100 kg.

The sporting achievement was recorded on Sunday, July 9, on the territory of one of the branches of “Demiryollary” OJSC in Ashgabat. The athlete used the “arm-over-arm” technique, pulling the rope, resting his feet on a special support.

In an interview with a Turkmenportal correspondent, David Melkumov admitted that this attempt was not as easy for him as it looked from the outside.

“The rope cuts the hands a lot. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad it worked out. The guys asked to pull two cars at once, but I didn't risk it. I will work now to pull two cars from the same position next time”, - said David.

– How do you feel about being called the strongest man in Turkmenistan?

- Of course, I'm glad. But people know better.

– Can you say that power extreme has become more popular in Turkmenistan in the last year?

– Yes, this direction is developing very much. There are many who want to, someone wants to try their hand, a lot of fans, empathizers. There are those who write and ask to set new records. I want to thank everyone who is interested in this sport and helps in organizing such events.

– What goals do you want to achieve in this sport?

– I dream of raising the flag of Turkmenistan at international power extreme competitions and glorifying my native country in the international arena. Another cherished dream is to tow the plane, I hope that this will become a reality in the near future.

It is worth noting that Melkumov continues to prove to himself and others that there is no limit to human stamina and determination.

Previously, an extreme athlete has already set several records by towing a locomotive weighing 120 tons by 2,7 meters, a 20-ton bus by eight meters, and a 38-ton crane by eight meters.

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