David Melkumov's new record: a strongman from Turkmenistan dragged a 38-ton crane


David Melkumov never ceases to amaze. A strongman from Turkmenistan set a new record by dragging a 38-ton crane over a distance of eight meters.

The record was set in the Gökdepe etrap of the Ahal velayat, on the technical base of the individual enterprise Dag Etek. Melkumov overcame the eight-meter section in 45 seconds. This time, the Tadano GR-500EXL hydraulic crane became an experimental projectile for the strongman.

The exercise was performed in a sitting position with hands on the rope, the so-called arm over arm. This technique is recognized as the most difficult for exercises for towing large equipment. The record was recorded in the presence of the media, official representatives of Dag Etek, as well as local residents.

“David's performances were previously seen only on the Internet, but today we were lucky enough to become eyewitnesses of his great talent. Our fleet of vehicles has special vehicles for various purposes, and we were pleased to select one of the vehicles for such an important action,” said Shohrat Akiyev, manager of Dag Etek.

As the athlete himself noted, first of all, he is very glad that once again he was able to cope with his goal, and he is pleased with the result shown.

Also, according to David Melkumov, he will use all the funds raised from sponsors (Shere Tea, Umbro) to help children with disabilities.

Earlier, Turkmenportal wrote how a 33-year-old strongman, sitting, moved a bus weighing 20 tons by eight meters and dragged a 120-ton locomotive by 2.7 meters.

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