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Athlete from Nepal broke the Guinness record in the descent on his hands on 75 steps


A 29-year-old athlete named Hari Chandra Giri, in just 25,03 seconds, descended on his hands down the stairs at the Jamchen Vijaya Buddhist temple in Kathmandu, reports World 24.

Thus, he surpassed the achievement of the fastest descent of 75 steps on his hands. The previous record was set nine years ago by Mark Kenny from the USA – 30,8 seconds.

This is the fourth record set by an athlete from Nepal. According to Giri, he walks on his hands from an early age. This skill helped him set three insane world records earlier. The Nepalese was the fastest to go down the 50 steps on his hands, and also the fastest to walk 10 and 50 meters on his hands with a soccer ball between his legs. In addition, there is a video on the Web where you can see how, in a similar position, Giri, using a cable, moves a car from a place.

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