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The editor-in-chief of the TV channel “Big Asia” spoke about her impressions of the trip to Turkmenistan


The editor-in-chief of the TV channel “Big Asia” Alisa Klimantovich made a trip to Turkmenistan for the first time to open the new city of Arkadag. On the pages of the “Big Asia” portal, she spoke about her impressions of the country.

“The first thing you understand and, above all, feel in this country is that you are taken care of. Not only those who are assigned to you on duty, but also those who are not obliged to do this at all. Everyone strives to help, explain, show, answer more than a thousand questions that always arise in a new country. It's captivating”, - says Alisa.

The impeccable cleanliness everywhere - this is the second thing that caught her eye.

“Perfectly washed streets, no garbage and dirt. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in public places in the country - that is, everywhere. There are no cigarette butts lying around, no smoke from passers-by”.

Alisa also noted the evening life of the inhabitants of the capital, which can be found in popular establishments. “Everyone dresses in a way that is convenient for anyone: there are girls in traditional outfits, and dressed in the European style familiar to us, the same applies to men. The menu includes national and European cuisine, as well as drinks, in general - for every taste”.

The editor-in-chief was also struck by the scale of Ashgabat. On the main streets and avenues, everywhere you look, there are exceptionally imposing, immaculate, white and gold buildings, more like palaces.

“However, there are not so many palaces in the capital of Turkmenistan. All these impressive monumental buildings, as a rule, are universities, medical, sports, shopping centers, hotels, ministries and other government departments. Some will say that this is too much. But when you see it with your own eyes, there is only one thought in your head: “Wow!”. In fairness, it must be said that there are “ordinary” buildings in the city, the usual two-three-five-story buildings. And also, in impeccable condition”, - she told the readers of “Big Asia”.

And the food here is tasty and plentiful, the guest noted. Whether you're eating at a hotel restaurant, at a gala dinner, or at a popular establishment, all dishes will be mouth-wateringly delicious and filling.

“The peculiarity of the local cuisine is the lack of spices. Salt and pepper may be added. Most of all I liked kakmach - meat with vegetables in tomato sauce, and also fitchi - juicy meat pies from the oven. Incredibly delicious! By the way, there is at least one restaurant in Moscow where you can try Turkmen cuisine. And it’s worth it!”, she shares her impressions of the dishes.

Her trip to Turkmenistan lasted three days, but, as Alisa admits, it felt like at least a week had passed. There were so many impressions, acquaintances and new information.

“And the most beautiful thing here is that I took home the most positive emotions from getting to know this country and its people, and also reliable knowledge and observations of how people live in Turkmenistan. In the near future we will publish a large report in which we will tell in detail about everything that we saw during this trip”.

Alisa thanks all Ashgabat residents for the warm welcome.

“I hope that this trip will become the starting point for cooperation between our countries and our media. Already now we can say: stereotypes are collapsing, and in their place comes knowledge of how things really are. And, as you know, both trust and true friendship are built on knowledge”.

Let us remind that the TV channel “Big Asia” and the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television and Radio Broadcasting signed an agreement on cooperation.

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