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Young Turkmen citizens are invited to courses in robotics


Economic society “Ish Nokady” and Coddy International School of Programming are organizing a new course on robotics for children.

Robotics in Coddy is not just a circle of interests, it is a whole trend that unites like-minded people, helps to exchange experiences and find new friends. According to the organizers, robotics is technical creativity, the first step towards inventive, design and rationalization activities, as well as the development of the principles of mechanics, circuitry, electronics and programming.

During the classes, children will have the opportunity not only to build robots, which is very exciting in itself, but also to develop attentiveness, accuracy, discipline, imagination, and responsibility. It is equally important that they learn to work in a friendly and well-coordinated team. The robotics course permits each child to go from simple to complex, participating first in the project development stage, and then in the final assembly of all parts.

In order to evaluate the possibilities of the new course, everyone is invited to the Open Day. During this event, Yakub Myatiev, a mentor of the Coddy International School of Programming, who has extensive experience working with a children's audience, will tell the audience in detail about robotics, as well as answer their questions.

Children from seven years of age and above are invited to the courses.

The date of the Open Day is July 15, 2023, from 18:00 to 19:00. The visit is free.

Location “Berkarar” business center, 1st floor, block A7 - office “Ish Nokady”

To participate, you must register using the link or by calling: (+993 63) 47 11 92, (+993 63) 42 67 51.

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