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Chinese millionaire tries for 40 years to graduate


Chinese millionaire Liang Shi has been trying unsuccessfully for over forty years to enter one of the most prestigious Chinese universities - Sichuan University, CNN reports.

His first attempt at university was in 1983, a year later Liang Shi tried again and failed again. For many years after, he worked hard, all this time he tried to educate himself and still go to university. In pursuit of his dream, he managed to make a fortune and become one of the Chinese millionaires, but higher education remained inaccessible to him.

The last time a millionaire scored 428 points, although at least 750 points are needed to enter the most ordinary Chinese university. Shi is already close to giving up endless attempts to enter a university.

“If there is no hope for improvement, then there is no point in continuing. I really prepared hard. Can't say if I'll take it next year. This is a difficult decision, but I don’t want to give up either,” he said.

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