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French composer Pierre Tilois met with Turkmen youth


French composer Pierre Tilois, who arrived in Turkmenistan to create a piece of music, met with children studying French.

As the publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age" reports, for children interested in the culture and history of France, a conversation with a creative representative of this country provided an excellent opportunity to improve their knowledge in language practice.

Answering questions, Pierre Tilois said that he comes from a family of architects and dreamed of becoming an astronaut since childhood. He did not even think about music, but in his youth, like most of his peers, he became interested in rock, not just performing, but also composing music. The composer gave an example of one of his early rock compositions, including an audio recording.

But he soon realized that he wanted to write more melodic music, Tilua said.

He travels a lot. He really likes to study the culture of different peoples. After visiting Brazil, he wrote the Concerto "Braziliana". Based on the books of the Sufi Jaloliddin Rumi, he wrote a piece of music, a fragment of which he presented to the meeting participants.

At one of the international competitions, he heard the play of a Turkmen musician on the dutar.

“I was fascinated. Dutar seemed to be talking to a musician. I imagined a huge desert and a caravaneer brightening up his loneliness by playing this instrument, which became a good conversationalist for him. And I had a burning desire to write about it,” said the composer.

He sees his future work about Turkmenistan as something between the adventures of the three musketeers and the epic Gorkut ata.

When asked when he would present his new work to the public, the composer promised that by November of this year.

Earlier, we reported that the French composer Pierre Tilois arrived in Ashgabat on a creative mission.

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