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The President of Turkmenistan congratulated compatriots on Gurban Bayram


Gurban Bayram is celebrated in Turkmenistan from June 28 to 30. On this occasion, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov congratulated compatriots on the sacred national holiday.

“I am sure that the song and music celebrations, social and cultural events that will be held on the occasion of this holiday, the origins of which go back thousands of years, will further strengthen our love for independent neutral Turkmenistan, the glory of which as a country of great achievements and significant successes is multiplying all over the world!”, - the President noted.

Gurban Bayram is an ancient holiday that preaches decency and nobility, popularizes solidarity and harmony in the world, and increases enthusiasm in society. The role of this holiday is becoming more and more significant, in which the people's humanistic ideals, formed over the millennia and passed down from generation to generation, are concentrated, glorifying the purity of the human soul, spiritual and moral values, faith in strengthening our unity, consolidation, the congratulation says.

“The coincidence of Gurban Bayram with the grand opening of the first phase of the development of the city of Arkadag, international and cultural events, the Day of cultural and art workers, as well as the poetry of Magtymguly Fragi gives inexhaustible spiritual strength in the affairs carried out for the sake of the country's prosperity”, - the head of state noted.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov wholeheartedly wished the people of Turkmenistan good health, longevity, happiness and prosperity, great success in their work for the prosperity of the Motherland.

“And may the rituals performed by you during the days of Gurban Bayram, sadaka in memory of the dead, read ayats-tovirs, good prayers for the prosperity of our independent neutral Motherland, the happy and peaceful life of all mankind, be accepted by Almighty Allah. Kabul bolsun!”, - the President concluded.

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