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Today is World Blood Donor Day


Every year on June 14, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in different countries of the world, designed to remind people who voluntarily and free of charge donate their blood, saving human lives, to express gratitude to them.

This Day is also necessary and important to draw public attention to the problems of blood donation and raise awareness of the needs of mankind for the safety of blood and blood products.

According to information posted on the WHO website, in 2023 the World Blood Donor Day campaign is held under the motto "Donate blood, donate blood plasma, share life and do it often." Her focus is on patients requiring lifelong blood transfusions and the role each person can play by making a valuable gift of blood or plasma. The campaign has the following goals:

  • recognize and thank people who donate blood and encourage more people to become blood donors;
  • encourage healthy people to donate blood regularly, as often as it is safe and possible, to help improve the quality of life of patients dependent on blood transfusions and to contribute to the creation of safe blood supplies around the world;
  • emphasize the critical importance of voluntary non-remunerated regular blood and plasma donation to ensure universal access to safe blood products in all countries;
  • mobilize governments and development partners to support, strengthen and fund national blood transfusion programs at the national, regional and global levels.

In Turkmenistan, as in other countries, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated. The blood center of Turkmenistan is the most important subdivision of the country's healthcare system, whose functions include collection, preparation, blood transfusion, preparation of sera, as well as registration of donor personnel with different blood types, their testing, medical examination, etc.

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