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Turkmenistan and Hungary signed a Memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of meteorology


Today, as part of the official visit of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Turkmenistan, a Memorandum of Understanding on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of meteorology was signed between the State Etalon Center of the Main State Service "Turkmenstandartlary" and the Department of Meteorology and Technical Control of the Office of the Budapest Capital City Government, the State news agency.

It is reported that following the results of the Turkmen-Hungarian talks at the highest level, 8 documents on cooperation in various fields were signed.

We remind that the opening ceremony of the State Etalon Center took place on October 1, 2013. On the territory of the complex, with an area of 25 thousand 500 square meters, there are laboratories equipped with standard exemplary equipment and high-precision measuring instruments from leading world manufacturers.

The main tasks of the State Etalon Center of Turkmenistan:

  • achievement of unity and accuracy of measurements, safety of state standards and measuring instruments at the appropriate metrological level, ensuring their careful storage;
  • development of consultations on the introduction of modern methods and measuring instruments, including information-measuring sets and systems at the international level;
  • participation in the development of normative technical documents on standardization, metrology and certification of products (works, services);
  • preparation of proposals on issues of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in our country and the units of measurements allowed for use;
  • exercising control over the unified procedure for presenting the volumes of units of physical quantities from state standards, together with the requirements for all measuring instruments;
  • carrying out work to put into effect new regulatory documents on state standards;
  • carrying out measurements of high accuracy at the request of legal entities and individuals;
  • conducting metrological analysis of state standards, consultations and normative documents on metrology, including research methods, measurement methods.

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