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Turkmen enterprise Aý textil produces high quality socks

Turkmen enterprise Aý textil produces high quality socks

The production of socks made of cotton and bamboo that meet international quality standards is the main activity of the individual enterprise Aý textil.

The company's products, intended for children and adults, are distinguished by a wide range and affordable prices. A variety of color palettes and prints provide customers with a great choice. The chip of the manufacturer is the production of socks with the customer's logo, under his personal brand.

Modern equipment is involved in the production of goods sold both at retail and wholesale. Due to the high quality of the environmentally friendly raw materials used and the unique weaving of the manufactory of the material in the production of socks, they have high strength, wear resistance to washing (color does not fade) and various frictions (when worn), as well as good moisture absorption.

You can get acquainted with the assortment and purchase Aý textil products in the specialized store of the enterprise, located at the Ashgabat East Bazaar “Altyn asyr” (D1 1122).

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