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Arassa Kümüş offers mobile car cleaning services in Turkmenistan


The individual enterprise Arassa Kümüş offers the residents of Turkmenistan the services of an on-site car wash and dry cleaning of vehicles.

Auto cleaning company Arassa Kümüş will provide professional care for a variety of types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, buses, special equipment, boats, ships, etc.

Customers are offered a choice - steam cleaning; interior cleaning and disinfection (seat upholstery, covers, rugs, luggage compartment windows, etc.); cleaning discs, tires, wheel arches, moldings; cleaning and disinfection of air ducts.

Advantages of cooperation with Arassa Kümüş:

  • specialists will provide gentle and safe cleaning of the engine with dry steam. The use of a steam generator in this process is gentle and completely safe, unlike high pressure washers. At the same time, a minimum amount of water is consumed, which solves the problem of its disposal.
  • soft cleaning, does not cause scratches and does not damage the paint;
  • due to the absence of chemicals, there is no negative impact on the protective coating and car body;
  • there is no risk of damage to the electrical wiring and electronic components of the machine's engine;
  • disinfection allows you to get rid of bacteria and viruses by 99.9%;
  • significantly reduces the need for chemical detergents.

All work is carried out in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

Contact Information:

  • address: Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue, 102;
  • telephones: (+993 65) 05 43 33, (+993 65) 10 84 44;
  • page in the social network;
  • e-mail:
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