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Three Turkmen doctors set to work in Afghanistan as part of a humanitarian mission


Three Turkmen doctors, who arrived on May 15 as part of a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan, began providing medical and advisory assistance to women and children in a maternity hospital built by Turkmenistan in the village of Turgundi, Herat province.

The Afghan side warmly welcomed the doctors from Turkmenistan. The humanitarian mission of doctors was carried out in accordance with the Order of the President of Turkmenistan.

Turkmen doctors will work here until the end of May, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry reports.

On May 3, the Consulate General of Turkmenistan in Afghanistan (Herat) carried out a humanitarian action of capital repairs in the maternity hospital. Necessary medicines and medical supplies were also provided as humanitarian aid.

Based on primordially good neighborly traditions, Turkmenistan continues to provide assistance to neighboring Afghanistan. This, in turn, serves for the benefit of the further development of traditionally friendly, fraternal and good neighborly relations between the two peoples.

We remind that on May 11, Turkmenistan sent a humanitarian cargo with medicines and medical supplies, food and textile products weighing about 125 tons to Afghanistan.

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