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97 years old veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ata Tutlykov: “All the difficulties of life were discarded before the nationwide disaster”


A veteran of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, 97 years old Ata Tutlykov, lives in the village of Gozgan, Kaakhka etrap, Ahal velayat. He has four sons and five daughters, 29 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren, reported on the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

Ata aga is one of those who can rightfully say: “Protect the world! Treasure every hour of your life, work for the good of people, for the good of our Motherland”. The entire chest of the veteran is in orders and medals received for courage and heroism in battles against the fascist invaders.

-Never, neither before nor after the war, did I feel on such an upsurge as in the fighting years, when one feeling permeates my soul and body - the desire to win, - says the veteran. - All other difficulties of life were discarded before the nationwide disaster.

He was then 16 years old, he and his comrades, like their older brothers, rushed to the front ...

- We were convinced that our knowledge is the future weapon against the enemy. The slogan “He who studies poorly - he works for the enemy” worked wonders. - says Ata aga. - I was called up at the end of 1943, I got to the front in 1944, and it turns out that I did not fight for long. We all understood that the Victory is already close, and each battle brings its hour closer. And it was so painful to see your comrades die in the last days of the war. In one of the battles, I was wounded in my right hand, but I did not leave the position until the end of the battle. Then there was a hospital, and after treatment they were sent home. After the war, he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, worked as a teacher at a local school.

During his short stay at the front, he made many military friends, many of whom are no longer alive. The memory of them will live in the hearts of grateful descendants forever.

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