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Spanish woman spent 500 days in a cave at a depth of 70 meters and broke the world record


Spanish climber Beatriz Flamini broke the world record by sitting in a cave for 500 days without communication with the outside world and any timekeeping devices (clocks, calendars), reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Spanish news resource RTVE.

Flamini spent more than a year and a half in a cave in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the province of Granada. She descended into a 70-meter-deep cave on November 20, 2021, and celebrated her birthday there twice, including her 50th birthday.

Throughout Flamini's stay underground, she was monitored by surveillance cameras, monitored her condition, her daily routine, and also ensured her safety. Her stay in the cave alone became part of an experiment to study the effect of prolonged isolation and temporary disorientation on the physical and mental state of a person. Food and water were delivered to the climber to a special platform in the cave, trying not to cross with her.

Flamini almost doubled the previous world record for being underground in isolation - in 2007, Italian Cristina Lanzoni spent 269 days in an underground laboratory with communication with the outside world.

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