14 people became victims of Landslide in Türkiye

14 people became victims of Landslide in Türkiye
Photo: mir24.tv

Mudflows descended in a number of provinces of Türkiye due to prolonged rains, reports “MIR 24”. Those regions that were destroyed by a powerful earthquake in early February suffered the most. According to the latest data, the number of victims of the landslide has reached 14 people, five more are missing.

Due to heavy rainfall, mountain rivers overflowed their banks. Streams of water and mud, carrying stones and fallen trees, hit the settlements. The amount of precipitation for these days has reached 200 mm per square meter, and the rains in the region, according to weather forecasts, will continue for at least another day, so repeated mudflows are possible.

A landslide caused a mass death of fish in the Balikly-gel pond in the south-east of the country. This reservoir is also called the pond of Abraham, and the carps living in it are considered sacred - according to legend, the pagan king Nimrod, angry that the prophet Abraham did not worship pagan idols, ordered to throw him into a pit with fire, but the flame turned into water, and firewood - into carps.

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