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Hugs help overcome stress, increase immunity and reduce anxiety

Hugs help overcome stress, increase immunity and reduce anxiety

For 30 years now, January 21 has been celebrated as International Hugging Day around the world. On this day, you can hug everyone, even strangers (provided that they do not mind it).

Hugs are considered very beneficial for psychological and even physical health - at the time of hugs, a person releases oxytocin into the bloodstream, which is considered a hormone of affection. Oxytocin, in turn, suppresses the release of cortisol, the anxiety hormone, and lowers blood pressure. In addition, hugs provoke the release of endorphin - the hormone of happiness.

It is noted that people who are more often hugged, are less likely to suffer from colds and suffer from cardiovascular diseases, they have a more stable emotional background. Regular hugs improve sleep, increase immunity and even have a small analgesic effect.

Hugs between mother and children are especially important. It has been proven that children who have lost their mother in infancy and experience an acute lack of maternal or simply related hugs grow worse, have psychological problems.

Psychologists recommend hugging large soft toys or trees in the park and garden for those who are deficient in hugs. For many, the presence of a teddy bear at their side permits them to fall asleep faster, and hugs with oaks and pines in the forest calm the nerves, because the trees themselves carry positive energy.

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