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In what colors to meet the New Year 2023

In what colors to meet the New Year 2023

The Black Water Rabbit has become the symbol of the New Year 2023. In accordance with the lunar Chinese calendar, the patron saint of the next year is an adherent of nepotism and love.

As reports, referring to the words of the astrologer Yulia Rolnik: “The Water Rabbit carries two main energies - Wood and Water”.

According to the expert, Wood is prosperity, healing and creativity, and Water is peace, freedom and peace.

To please the Black Water Rabbit, when choosing a palette for a New Year's look, you should give preference to basic colors and natural shades. The rabbit will like blue, grey, blue, pink, red, purple and black.

The rabbit is not a fan of synthetics, as well as frilly outfits and accessories. The main principles are comfort and minimalism.


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