Director Johan Renck has started work on the prequel to “Dune”

Director Johan Renck has started work on the prequel to “Dune”

The HBO Max stream service has started shooting the prequel of the fantastic film “Dune” – “Dune: The Sisterhood”, writes referring Collider.

The prequel director Johan Renck also announced the start of filming via social networks. Among actors involved in the series are Emily Watson, Shirli Hederson, Indira Varma, Trevis Fimmel and Mark Strong.

The basis of the film “Dune”, for which the prequel series is being filmed, is the science fiction novel of the same name by American science fiction writer Frank Herbert about events on one of the planets of a distant galaxy in the distant future.

The premier of two first episodes of “Dune: The Sisterhood” will happen not earlier than the end of 2023. The script was based on a book of Brian Herbert and Kevin J.Anderson. The plot center is a story of a order of women “Bene Gesserit”, whose members possess with extraordinary supernatural abilities and are able to establish control over the universe development.

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