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Ak Ulag company offers delivery of combined cargoes


The transport and logistics company Ak Ulag offers the Turkmen entrepreneurs services for the delivery of LCL transportation to Turkmenistan and beyond.

The combined cargo method involves the delivery in one cargo container or car of small shipments belonging to different owners and going to a common destination. This method of delivery is especially in demand for medium and small entrepreneurs, it avoids unnecessary financial expenses when renting an entire container. The owner of each cargo pays only for its weight and volume, that is, for the place itself in the container. In this way, you can transport almost any type of cargo, except dangerous or perishable.

Ak Ulag offers to evaluate the advantages of delivery of small batch of goods in LCL to Turkmenistan from Türkiye. Small batches of goods are allowed for transportation, but not individual product, but small wholesale batches (the minimum freight volume is one pallet). The offer is relevant specifically for entrepreneurs, delivering to Turkmenistan small and middle batches of consumer-packaged goods.

Ak Ulag specialists, when collecting a container, analyze the features of the goods that are planned to be delivered, calculate route variants to provide timely delivery. An additional bonus will be the flexible price policy of the company, thanks to the close ties with foreign partners.

You can apply for the services of Ak Ulag at the address: Ashgabat, G. Kuliyeva street (Obyezdnaya), h.86, 2nd floor; Telephones: (+993 12) 75 43 44, (+993 61) 81 49 96. E-mail:

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