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A strongman from Turkmenistan moved a 120-ton diesel engine and set a national record


Power extreme athlete from Turkmenistan David Melkumov in the eyes of eyewitnesses, a 120-ton diesel engine was moved from its place in Ashgabat. A strongman weighing 92 kg dragged the locomotive to a distance of 2.7 meters.

The result was recorded by the athlete's coach in the presence of representatives of the media and public organizations.

Earlier, Melkumov had already moved cars and trucks from their places. In the future, the strongman intends to compete with a cargo plane.

In an interview with Turkmenportal, the athlete shared his impressions of the “battle” with the locomotive, told about his plans for the future and about his most cherished dream – to raise the flag of Turkmenistan over his head on the podium of international strongman competitions.

- There are not 10 people in the world who could pull such a giant. Do you realize that you have inscribed your name in the history of Turkmen power sports?

- The feelings are great! Emotions were off the scale, especially at the moment when everyone started applauding and screaming – “You made it, it has moved!”, simply a powerful adrenaline ejection. I want to thank my friends, all those who supported me during my trainings and were present at this event. Special thanks to Dragon Oil, we have a lot of plans, targets and records ahead.

- How confident were you that you could move this locomotive?

- I was very worried, after all, this is a diesel engine, it is 120 tons, will luck be on my side? But I was 100% ready and determined for the result.

- How did you come to the fact that you started lifting weights?

- I have had this desire since childhood. Looking at different sports programs on TV, I always wondered if I could? At first, I tried myself in different disciplines – bodybuilding, powerlifting. Then I started with the minimum – I dragged cars, then trucks, trucks, now a diesel locomotive. The next target is a cargo plane.

Behind each record – months of exhausting training, and not only physical, but also psychological. I hope that my achievement will be registered as an official record of Turkmenistan. In the future, I plan to develop the strongman movement in the country, perform on behalf of Turkmenistan at international competitions and enter the Guinness Book of Records.

- Strongmen is very spectacular sport that has a large number of fans around the world, but when you look at the performances of athletes, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it is dangerous?

- Of course, as in any power sport, there is a great risk of injury. But when you go to your dream, you set big goals for yourself, you try not to think about the bad. This helps to concentrate on tasks and put all negative thoughts aside.

- What does the strongman eat and how does he prepare for the competition?

- I won't say that there is any specific nutrition, but really, a lot of energy is spent during training and competitions. You need to try to stick to balance. Proteins, carbohydrates, fiber are needed. Seafood is very useful. In my free time from competitions, I work out in the gym, finish my body so that it is even stronger and more powerful.

Today once again I got assured that this is a very hard work. To all those who are engaged in power sports I have a piece of advice – be careful!

Photo source: David Melkumov

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