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Rare pashmina carpet auctioned for 4 million USD

Rare pashmina carpet auctioned for 4 million USD

The carpet of the royal court of the emperor Shah Jahan, from the Mughal dynasty, will be exhibited at the “Art of the Islamic and Indian World auction”.

Bidding, organized by the auction house Sotheby's, will be held on 27 October. As writes elitethings, the carpet is woven from pashmina woven into a thin base of silk thread. It was made in the 1650s using a shading and color mixing technique, has very bright colors and a memorable flower pattern popular during the Mughal era. The artifact, originally 4 meters long, was cut into 3 parts: two of them are in museums, and one is for sale.

The organizers are planning to raise 4 500 000 USD for the rare carpet. It is noted that only 21 pashmina carpets from the 17th century have survived to this day.

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