Russia resumed issuing biometric passports abroad

Russia resumed issuing biometric passports abroad

The Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russian diplomatic missions abroad have resumed accepting applications for issuing biometric passports for 10 years.

“From September 20, 2022, the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, including all diplomatic missions and consular offices of Russia in foreign countries, has resumed accepting applications for the issuance of passports with a validity of 10 years containing an electronic storage medium”, says the statement.

Let us remind that all Russian diplomatic missions abroad (including in Turkmenistan) from August 26 suspended the acceptance of documents for biometric passports for a period of 10 years for technical reasons. The decision is related to the need to reformat the electronic media contained in the passport.

A 10-year passport for citizens over 14 costs 80 USD. The cost of issuing a passport for a period of 10 years for persons under 14 years old is 40 USD.

Reception for the issuance of a passport at the Consular Section of the Embassy in the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan is carried out by prior electronic appointment.

A foreign biometric passport of a Russian citizen contains a microcircuit (electronic chip), which stores a color photograph of the passport holder and an image of his fingerprints, information about the date and place of his birth, the date of issue of the passport and the authority that issued the document. New passports have been issued in Russia since 2006.

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