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Stella in Turkmenistan offers decorative slats for the visual transformation of premises

Stella in Turkmenistan offers decorative slats for the visual transformation of premises

The official distributor of the Russian manufacturer of MDF and PVC products Stella in Turkmenistan offers to purchase decorative strips of different sizes and colors that will transform the design of any room.

Decorative slats visually make the ceilings higher and the walls wider. They will help to give any interior individuality and will surely attract the attention of guests.

Stella produces decorative slats from MDF, an environmentally friendly and child-safe material, using a fine fraction of wood. Compared to the usual chipboard for many, MDF slats are highly durable, withstand severe temperature changes, and are immune to mold, fungi and other microorganisms.

Scenarios for using Stella MDF rails can be very different. For instance, they will help to highlight one of the walls or the ceiling in the interior, and also divide the room into zones without blocking the sunlight and without narrowing the space visually.

Decorative slats are easy to install yourself and easy to repair. If any of the structural elements is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

It is available to choose suitable products for decorating the premises in the stores of the official distributor Stella in Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, Balkanabat and the city of Hazar.

Contact information:

  • • Ashgabat city, intersection of Oguzhan and Ankara streets Block A shop 106, open from 9.00 to 18.00, phones (+993 65) 68 62 18, (+ 993 65) 68 62 52;
  • Ashgabat city Shopping Center Berkarar ground floor A46b Görk shop. Open from 10:00 to 20:00, phones (+993 12) 46 81 04, (+993 64) 92 18 81;
  • Ashgabat city, Terminal complex Ak Tam Bazary, Block E, Shops №37, №38, №39. Phones for communication: (+993 65) 68 62 18, (+993 65) 68 62 52;
  • Turkmenbashi city, 69 quarter, Nurly market. Phone: (+993 65) 17 26 00;
  • Balkanabat city, Garashsyzlyk avenue, 212 quarter shop “Shanly Bedev” open from 9.00 to 19.00 (+993 63) 87 95 25;
  • Hazar city Taze Bazaar shop Öý bezegler open from 9.00 to 19.00, (+993 65) 43 42 42.
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