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Turkmenistan presented the results of the National consultations on the transformation of the education system

Turkmenistan presented the results of the National consultations on the transformation of the education system

The Government of Turkmenistan has finished the National consultation for preparation to the Summit on the transformation of the education system, which will be held in New-York in September of this year.

Thу results of the consultations are presented to the partners on development, reports the UNDP press-release.

Consultations, which were held from June 21 to August 8, were engaged the wide circles of society, including national ministries, student and youth organizations, civil society groups, teacher associations, the private sector, academia, mass media

The tasks of the measures include the development of a general vision of the transformation of the educational system in the country and the coordination of further actions until 2030. Consultations are aimed at developing politics, planning and budget changes necessary for replenishing gaps in training.

The National consultations touched upon three thematical areas:

• ensuring full recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic;
• identifying the main strategic transformations and levers for reimagining education for the 21st century and accelerating progress towards shared education goals;
• raising the ambition of national education targets and benchmarks.

Following the results of the events, the Government of Turkmenistan has developed a National Summary Report for submission to the Summit secretariat together with a National Statement of the country's commitment to the transformation of education, which reflects national commitments.

“As an active member of the international community, it is very important for Turkmenistan to participate in the Summit process on the Transformation of Education, share its work experience and learn from the experience of other countries. Education needs to mobilize all state and non–state structures and coordinate their work by the Government to accelerate the implementation of the SDG 4 agenda,” said Dmitriy Shlapachenko, UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan.

The Office of the UN Permanent Coordinator in Turkmenistan, the UNICEF country office, the UNESCO office in Tehran and the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO provided comprehensive support to the country's Ministry of Education, which is the national coordinator in this process.

Previously we reported that consultations are being held in Turkmenistan on the transformation of the education system.

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