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Turkmenistan plans to start construction of personal bulk carrier in 2023


Turkmenistan plans in early 2023 to start building of personal ships. reports it with reference to the head of the Agency “Turkmendenizyollary” Anadurdy Kosaev.

“Within the framework of the project to increase of the national maritime fleet, its international competitive ability, modern vessels are being built to transport oil, petrolium products and other products, particularly, near the port in 2018 also were constructed and put into operation ship-repairing and shipbuilding facilities. This is also a new industry for our country in the sphere of heavy industry. Currently talks on calling of loans, investors are conducted, and we plan at the end of this year – beginning of the next year to build our vessels with the participation of specialists, consultants”, - he said, while giving speech at the Conference of Landlocked Countries in Avaza.

Kosaev stressed that first of all it refers to the building of bulk carriers, reports TASS.

We should add that the Conference of Landlocked Countries is being held under the auspices of the UN in the NTZ “Avaza”. The delegation of more than 30 countries, representatives of more than 30 international and specialized organizations and institutions take part in it.

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