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Snake catching competition launched in USA

Snake catching competition launched in USA

A competition to capture pythons has started in the Everglades National Park in the US state of Florida. The Florida Python winner will receive a 2,5 thousand USD prize. During the 10 days of the competition, daredevils will explore more than 600 thousand hectares of the park in search of invader reptiles.

This species does not pose a danger to humans, but the ecology of the park as a whole is badly damaged. For instance, pythons can eat mammals in their area, including birds and alligators. In the US, this snake species was introduced in the early 1980s during the exotic pet boom.

believe that many of these animals escaped or were released into the wild. It is noted that the female Burmese python is able to lay up to a hundred eggs at once. In addition to cash prizes, hunters can keep valuable snake skin, announced mir24.

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