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Turkmen enterprise harvests up to 6 tons of champignons per month


The Turkmenabat company Tiz hyzmat, which specializes in the cultivation of champignons, collects 200 kilograms of mushrooms daily. The monthly harvest reaches 6 tons, reports the publication “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

Employees of IE Tiz hyzmat harvested the first harvest of champignons in November last year, and if then they harvested 3 tons of crops every month, today this figure has almost doubled.

Mushroom mycelium is delivered to the enterprise from France. Peat for mycelium is imported from Russia and Iran, but its substitute is being developed.

The harvested crop is stored in special refrigerators, which makes it possible to deliver products to all outlets in the country regularly and without delay.

The company also produces pickled mushrooms.

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