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UlagExh offers international freight forwarding services

UlagExh offers international freight forwarding services

A wide range of services, provided by the UlagExh freight forwarding company includes international transportation by all modes of transport – road, sea, rail and air.

By using the international services of UlagExh, customers receive many benefits and advantages. The company successfully solves the problems of multimodal transportation, and the delivery of groupage cargo. Besides that, the possibility of warehousing goods, solving customs issues and transport logistics is provided.

The improvement of international cargo transportation services is facilitated by active contacts and expansion of cooperation between the Turkmen company and foreign partners. In this regard, the participation of UlagExh as bronze sponsor in the international conference “International transport and transit corridors: interconnection and development” held in Turkmenistan in July is indicative.

Thus, UlagExh confirms its ability to promote communication policy, strengthen professional ties and attract new customers and business partners, and in general – to maintain its image as a leader in the transport and logistics industry.

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