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Vacationers at NTZ “Avaza” can always use the services of the online store Awaza söwda merkezi

Vacationers at NTZ “Avaza” can always use the services of the online store Awaza söwda merkezi

The days when vacationers, going on vacation in a sanatorium, took an impressive supply of provisions with them: you never know, but suddenly they are poorly fed, and there are no shops in the recreation area are in past!

Such a problem has sunk into summer, and vacationers of the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone will never fall asleep on an empty stomach, because now Awaza söwda merkezi is with them at any time of the day!

This is an online store of the “Avaza” Shopping Center with a wide range of products and a door-to-door delivery service.

The online store has 4 sections: “Food products”, “Beauty and care”, “Cleaning and home” and “Food delivery”, in which the corresponding categories of goods are presented.

Particular attention is drawn to the section of food products, where the choice of meat and sausage products, fish, canned food, fresh vegetables and fruits at the best prices are frankly pleased.

In the “Beauty and care” section, it is available to purchase essential products on vacation: skin care, hair care, oral care products, deodorants.

Hygiene products are presented in the “Cleaning and home” section, these are soaps, wipes, baby diapers and more.

At the desire, it is available to order ready-made meals in the “Food delivery” section on the online platform: dumplings, manty, pizza, pies and samsa.

When ordering online, delivery of goods and food is carried out within the NTZ “Avaza” around the clock.

It should be noted that the range of the site is updated daily with new products.

Awaza söwda merkezi contacts:

  • Phones: +99361427995; 8(243)57837;
  • E-mail:

Using the services of Awaza söwda merkezi will be especially pleasant for those who, having arrived on vacation, do not want to break away from the azure sea and warm sand spend time shopping.

Those who prefer real shopping with window-shopping and impressions of a walk can always visit the “Avaza” shopping center, which is open daily from 8:00 to 23:00.

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