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The work of a photographer from Turkmenistan was awarded a gold medal from PhotoArt PRAGUE

The work of a photographer from Turkmenistan was awarded a gold medal from PhotoArt PRAGUE

The work of the “Students” photojournalist of the State News Agency of Turkmenistan Vyacheslav Sarkisyan was awarded the gold medal of the prestigious international photo salon PhotoArt PRAGUE of the Czech Photographic Society. The publication “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” reports about this.

Almost for thirty years, Vyacheslav Sarkisyan has been working as a photographer, collaborating with many publications, including the Turkmenistan magazine, the Turkmenistan RU electronic newspaper. He is also a member of the creative union “Photo Art”.

The works of Vyacheslav Sarkisyan were exhibited at more than 150 photo contests in 45 countries of the world. Participation in competitions and exhibitions brought him 22 awards, including medals of the highest value. In 2014, FIAP, UNESCO (International Federation of Photography) published a list of nine photographers awarded the honorary title of EFIAP, including the name of Vyacheslav Sarkisyan.

It is became known on the other day that his picture “Students” was evaluated at the “Grand Eurasia 2022” (Russia), at the China International Photography Art Exhibition (CIPAE, China), and also the V International Photo Contest “People of the World 2022” (Serbia).

The photograph of the “Students” was taken on the eve of the international women’s holiday, and as Vyacheslav himself says, such pictures are more luck.

“However, in order to catch it, the photo artist must constantly be in a state of search, work on himself daily, despite previous merits and successes. On assignment, I ended up in the “Ashgabat” cinema and concert hall and walked around the premises before the solemn part of the festive program. Having looked into the hall, I saw girls in national dresses, having risen to the stage, took a few shots. Luck. Youth, beauty. Turkmenistan. The picture took it all in. a competent and strict jury, in all likelihood, appreciated all this. This happened with my previous photographic works “Discussing Fashion”, “Market”, “Traditions and modernity”, which were awarded prestigious awards. And there, to a large extent, luck played a role”, says the photographer.

His plans for the near future include preparations for the third international photo contest “Ferula-2022”. Vyacheslav organizes the competition together with young photographers, for whom he has become a friend and mentor.

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