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The number of dragonflies has increased in Europe


An increase in the number of dragonflies in Europe is the result of global warming. As mir24 reports, the number of these insects has increased by more than half. The scientific employee of the Munich Technical University, Christian Hof noted: “Populations of many heat-loving insects, including dragonflies, crickets and pigeon butterflies, have grown dramatically as a result of global warming. It affected the saffron dragonflies the most”.

At the same time, earlier these types of dragonflies were found only in the warm regions of the Mediterranean Sea, now they live in Germany. The scientists, also, note that for the last 40 years, due to the climate change, the number of nearly 30% of insects’ population increased in Europe.

However, it is not only the climate change affects the insects. Thus, due to the human activity, the population of the wild bees has decreased by a third.

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