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A man in anger destroyed museum exponents to a value of 5 million USD


A visitor to the Dallas Art Museum destroyed museum exponents to a value of 5 million USD. As the publication daily.afisha reports, a man illegally entered building shortly before the closure of the museum. Surveillance cameras recorded a man with a metal chair in his hands at the door. The violator turned out to be 21-year-old Brian Hernandez. He ran away from the guards, smashed glass cases and destroyed ancient Greek artifacts — a pixie with a red figure, broken by him, was dated 450 BC, and a Greek vase — the sixth century.

After being detained by the police, the man said that he did it because he was “angry with his girlfriend”. At the same time, it is noted that the girl the guy was talking about did not work at the museum and is not connected with the institution in any way.

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