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In China, a 55-year-old man of 40 years is trying to enter university


A 55-year-old Chinese man has been trying to become a student at Sichuan University for 40 years. Lian Shi first decided to become a student in 1983, but since then he has never managed to score a passing grade. Despite unsuccessful attempts to enter the university, the man became a successful businessman and owns a company for the production of building materials.

Nevertheless, he does not give up trying to get a higher education diploma, mir24 reports. “I just turned 55. I have no problems with studying history and geography yet, I will continue to take exams,” Lian Shi assured. Last year, the man was able to score 403 points out of the required 750. In the new academic year, Lian Shi intends to improve his results and finally enter the university.

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