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Ashgabat educational center Ak Nesil announced the enrolment of students for the new season

Ashgabat educational center Ak Nesil announced the enrolment of students for the new season

A new educational season starts at the Ak Nesil educational center on May 30.

The main goal of the Center is to effectively teach English to children aged 6 to 8 using the world’s best teaching methods.

The educational methods used by the teachers of the Center have proved their worth and success, because they help children to master not only language skills, but also other subjects of the school curriculum much faster and better.

The main idea of teaching is to give the child the opportunity to choose how he wants to learns the language. That is, the curriculum takes into account the individual aspirations of the child and how it will be easier for him to learn.

At the Ak Nesil Center, children are given not only basic knowledge, but also the opportunity to use English in all areas and some life situations.

The specialists of the Center are convinced that a solid foundation of the language should be laid from an early age, therefore the work of the Center is based on teaching children aged 6-8 years.

Since kids may have a fear of learning, Ak Nesil teachers use the method of overcoming fears of the educational process, actively involving the child not only in learning the language, but also in art and culture. At the same time, all the staff of the Center communicates with students exclusively in English.

As for the training program, it has a division into age categories.

Children, who start learning English from scratch are trained under the Jolly Phonics program. This program is aimed at teaching correct articulation and pronunciation, learning the alphabet, and the ability to use what has been learned in everyday life. The program is designed in three courses that will help children learn speaking, writing and reading, and listening comprehension.

For children, who continue their English studies, Super Minds and Kid’s Box programs are offered.

Beside the main program, teachers have prepared for students free art classes, and entertainment taking into account their interests: so that children can simultaneously relax, have fun and at the same time develop.

Classes are held 5 times a week for 3 hours. The duration of each lesson is 50 minutes with breaks for rest, reading or snacking – at the discretion of the children themselves. For this purpose, special classes are set aside in the Center.

Entertainment for children is planned not only during visits to the Center, but also on free days: going to the zoo or theater, going out into nature.

Ak Nesil educational center is located at the address: Ashgabat, Bagtyyarlyk etrap, 1946 street (Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue), building 129.
Entrance on the right side.

Phones: +99361119551; +99365015145; 955018.

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