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Woman spent 30 thousand £ on a Chihuahua wardrobe


34 years old comedian Giannelli Randall spent about 30 thousand pounds on accessories for her pets. As writes, in the wardrobe of the Chihuahua dogs Gizmo and Starleena there are more than 300 items of clothing and 12 sets of shoes for each, including two pairs of crocs.

Besides that, the dogs have their own double bedroom, a backyard mini park with inflatable water slides, bean bags and a gazebo. Also, Randall’s pets have a miniature Lamborghini car with a special license plate.

According to the comedian, dogs are also her stage partners. “Sometimes they have four classes a week. When they are not performing, they take a nap in their bag and are treated like royalty”, said Jahnnalee Randall.

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