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ES Bereketli presented its products at the exhibition UIET-2022


At the exhibition of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET-2022) held in Ashgabat, the ES Bereketli familiarized guests with new lines of its products.

The expanded assortment included such items as smoked chicken and chicken legs, chicken roll, lamb ribs and thighs, smoked Hamdem brisket, Nygmat carbonate and others.

There are peculiarities in production of gourmets, that are technologically significantly different from the usual ones, and in order to keep the high standard taken, we rely on world experience in our work. I would especially like to mention our partners from Germany, who have taught us a lot. For the production of sausage products, the company buys meat both abroad and from local enterprises, - commented Leyla Amanova, head of the Foreign Economic Department at ES Bereketli.

“We are proud that our company is the same age as the independence of Turkmenistan. Once we started from wholesale tea supplies, but with the time as a result of well-targeted actions and efforts the economic society turned into one of the leading entities of the country’s food industry. For embedding into production of the highest world’s technologies, all equipment was purchased in Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland”, - says Amanova.

In 2012, the company in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan was given additional area for production extension. For now, at Bereketli plant work several workshops on the production of halal products, meat gourmets and govurdak (the national method of preserving meat).

In the future plans ES Bereketli intends to introduce the latest modern technologies into production. The company's specialists, who exchange experience with partner organizations in the country and abroad to improve their skills, are constantly looking for new things.

Thanks to this, consumers receives more and more new types of high-quality products.

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